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Share your favorite arrangement pics or ones that tickle you. Include a brief thought.  Scroll down for shared pics. Keep them coming.  We will survive with the help of  a little Flower Therapy.

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Quartlerly from II HQ has arrived

One of the benefits of Full Membership is a subscription to II's quarterly magazine.  Every edition has  a focus on a flowering material plus  photos from the different schools using that chosen material.  Articles on Japanese arts and small towns are also included. This is not a blog nor a zine. This is a beautiful magazine filled with professional photos of arrangements.  Enjoy members.

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We have 2 levels of membership.

  1. A Full membership is on the international level.  You have access to the 265+ II chapters around the world when travelling.  You will receive the quarterly publication from II Tokyo detailing ikebana schools and arrangements plus Japanese travel and arts through its rich photography. Membership is $75.  A full membership payment must be received by the club before our summer break in June. After the June 1st deadline, full members must  enroll directly with II Tokyo and make payment in yen.
  2. An Associate membership is on the local level. These members may participate in all the Houston activities but not have access with the other chapters.  Membership at this level is $35.

Membership at all levels supports the study of ikebana in Houston.

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Houston is a great city to develop your interest in Japanese flower arranging. Five of the major ikebana schools have teachers offering classes and workshops in our city and surrounding areas. Join us for monthly programs or contact an ikebana teacher and start your lessons. Check out what we do in Class Arrangements

See the arrangements members exhibit  around  Houston.  

Travelling around North America? Chances are there is an II Chapter where you're going.   

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There are 69 II chapters in the North and Central American region.  Click here to find out what chapters are doing in their cities.