Japanese flower arranging in Houston, Ikebana International #12

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We meet the first Tuesday of the month, September thru May to enjoy the arts of Asia - with an emphasis on ikebana.  We'd love to have you join us.  Please see below for details.

Study Ikebana

Classes in the art of Japanese Flower Arranging are currently held at the

 Trini Mendenhall Community Center

 1414 Wirt Road

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Friendship Through Flowers

That is the motto of Ikebana International.  II is a world wide organization with over 265 chapters.  We are a vibrant club and celebrated our 60th anniversary last  year. 

Our club logo is the cherry blossom.

Upcoming Club Programs

Japanese Flower Arranging,
ikebana, sogetsu, ohara, ikenobo

We are on summer break now. Our next meeting is, September 10th, 2019

Cherie Flores Pavilion

1500 Hermann Dr.

Houston, TX  77004

Come kick off the new club year with a program featuring 4 mini ikebana demonstrations.  We will also pass out  club directories at this meeting and let you know about the upcoming programs.  It will be fun.

Japanese Flower arranging in Houston,
ikebana, sushila mathew, ohara school of ikebana, ohara

Japan Festival of Houston was April 13-14th

The club hosted many visitors to the Ikebana Exhibit on Sunday.  Thank you to all the members who made arrangements.  Here is Sushila  Mathew standing next to one of her striking arrangements. The club hosted many enthusiastic and interested visitors. Maybe next year we can schedule demonstrations throughout the day?

Consul General of Japan, Ohina matsuri, Ikebana Houston Chapter #12

Ohina Matsuri Program at the residence of the Consul General of Japan, March 5, 2019

 What a a great program we enjoyed in March.  We were treated to an informative talk by Mrs. Fukushima about Japan's Girls' Day.  Members learned about traditional Japanese Dance from Midori Mochizuki, and we were treated to a delicious luncheon.  Thank you Consul General and Mrs. Fukushima.

we volunteer in the Japanese Garden On the First Thursday of the month from 9 - 12

Celebration Luncheon for Sogetsu Teacher, Yu Mei Montalvo

Sogetsu Study Group of Houston, Yu Mei Montalvo

On Friday, some of the Sogetsu Study Group of Houston members celebrated Yu Mei's promotion to the distinguished rank of Komon. To achieve this rank one must be nominated. After the nomination is accepted she must pass several challenging timed  exams.  Congratulations Yu Mei!  We are so proud of you. 

Yu Mei demonstrating at the club's 60th Anniversay

Sogetsu Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, Yu Mei Montalvo

An arrangement for the Consul General of Japan in honor of the new year

Sogetsu ikebana, Sogetsu japanese flower arranging, Yu Mei Montalvo,

NCARC Conference 10/29 - 31/2020

Grow Ikebana



It’s official -  All roads lead to Dallas!   The 18th Ikebana International North and Central American Regional Conference in 2019 will be held in Dallas/Fort Worth hosted by the Dallas II Chapter and the Ft. Worth II chapter.  Registration is now open and members can save $100 by registering before January 15.  Over 250 hotel room reservations have already been made so don't delay. The featured guest ikebana artist is Headmaster Designate  Senko Ikenobo. Professor Manabu Noda will conduct several workshops.  Representing Sogetsu will by Soho Sakai, Riji, and Kika Shibata, Riji. Master Elaine Jo will represent Ichiyo. Professor Jose Salcedo will represent Ohara.  A Facebook page has been set up.  Please check the schedule of events and sign up early.  The conference is also seeking donations, ads for the souvenir books, and corporate sponsors. You can do so through the Iwaya Fund by clicking here

Senko Ikenobo - featured Ikebana Artist


Professor Manabu Noda


Professor Noda will lead several workshops. Registration is required.

Join us as a club member

We have 2 levels of membership.

  1. A Full membership is on the international level.  You have access to the 265+ II chapters around the world when travelling.  You will receive the quarterly publication from II Tokyo detailing ikebana schools and arrangements plus Japanese travel and arts through its rich photography. Membership is $75.  A full membership payment must be received by the club before our summer break in June. After the June 1st deadline, full members must  enroll directly with II Tokyo and make payment in yen.
  2. An Associate membership is on the local level. These members may participate in all the Houston activities but not have access with the other chapters.  Membership at this level is $35.

Membership at all levels supports the study of ikebana in Houston.

2019/20 Membership Form (pdf)


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Houston is a great city to develop your interest in Japanese flower arranging. Five of the major ikebana schools have teachers offering classes and workshops in our city and surrounding areas. Join us for monthly programs or contact an ikebana teacher and start your lessons. Check out what we do in Class Arrangements

See the arrangements members exhibit  around  Houston.  

Travelling around North America? Chances are there is an II Chapter where you're going.   

Ikebana Houston Chapter #12